Themes for Academic Year 2018

Humanities and Social Science Basic Training

  • Summer School under Themes of Risk, Safety, Security, and Inequality

Natural Disaster Science Special Training

  • Disaster Field Work Lab

Project Based Learning for Frontier of Safety Engineering

  • Lab for Disaster Survey/Making Maps of Affected Areas

Extra Program

  • ELyT School 2018 in Sendai

Convergence Lab: Training and Lectures in an Inter-disciplinary Environment

Center for Education and Research on Global Safety

Leader development training in line with C-Lab training

Program for developing capacities to take action, think, and communicate, in line with training on safety science.

Leader development training in line with C-Lab training

Training Program Example -Field workshop featuring restoration of disaster-affected area-

Field workshop to share experiences of disasters and discuss measures for the future among students.

Camp style
13 from Tohoku University
19 from California Institute of Technology

Tsunami sediment digging demonstration at the time of the Jogan Earthquake of 869 AD

Graduate school education through an international workshop, making full use of the functions of Tohoku University, which is located in a disaster-inflicted area and leads disaster-related studies.

貞観地震(869年)時の 津波堆積物掘削実演

Night Seminar(Prof. Imamura)

Participants visited the affected area during the daytime, and listened to stories of local residents.

Night Seminar(Prof. Imamura)

Tour around Minamisanriku-cho

Human resources capable of standardizing the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake obtained in the field of the affected area, and deploying them globally.

南三陸町の 見学