Outline of Leader Development Program
at the Center for Education and Research on Global Safety

Outline of Leader Development Program

Undergraduate Education (Original Method):

Selection of Candidate Students for Program: Early Elite Education, Study Abroad Program, Basic Scholarship

Master’s Course / Doctoral Course:

Leading program graduate students are assigned to the Center for Education and Research on Global Safety and engage in academic work in the interdisciplinary Convergence Lab (C-Lab)

Advantage of Participating in the Leading Graduate School Program

  1. Students can interact with teaching staff and other students from diverse areas, transcending the student’s own field of study (and attend lectures in other fields of expertise.)
  2. Students can join Project-Based Learning training, such as fieldwork conducted locally as well as overseas, through Convergence Laboratory Training etc.
  3. Students can receive support such as domestic/overseas travel expenses and research funding.
  4. Students can voluntarily carry out research by proposing independent planning training, thereby acquiring research funds, which are granted to student groups.
  5. Students can take English training courses.
  6. Students can receive scholarship (150,000 JPY/month –) (Students are not allowed to work other jobs.)