Seminar by Prof. Kanamori (Oct. 5, 16:20~)

 Dear G-Safety students and related professors
 Prof. Hiroo Kanamori (Caltech) will provide a seminar for G-Safety students as follows.
 In the seminar, we will summarize “outliers” (extraordinary significant earthquakes and tsunamis) such as the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, and discuss why they occur in light of recent studies.
 We look forward to your active participation.

       Seminar by Prof. Kanamori (Oct. 5, 16:20~) icon_pdf

  G-Safety Seminar: “Learning from Outliers”
  Prof. Hiroo Kanamori (Seismological Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
  October 5 (Thu), 2017, 16:20 ~ 17:20
  Leading Lecture Room, 9th Floor, Engineering Laboratory Complex Building, Graduate School of Engineering   (Builiding “C-10” in the map)